Leonardo Vergara Trujillo (Creative Designer)


Founder of Reacciona (2005)

With a degree in Industrial Design from DuocUC, Chile, I also studied Architecture at the Central University of Chile and Strategy and Project Management in Business at the University Catolica, Chile. I specialized in Permaculture and Sustainable Architecture.

As a creative entrepreneur, I also have strong social skills. I’ve dedicated my work to the design, development, construction, and execution of projects applying the concepts of my education in permaculture and sustainable design. The goal of each project we have done is to raise awareness and share the acquired knowledge and tools with different groups of people around the world.


Permaculture is the art, philosophy and technique of working "with" and not against nature; It is reflectively observing and designing on the basis of her principles, rather than doing invasive and unconscious work.
It is the technique of observing, understanding and applying its examples in human and natural ecosystems in all their functions, in order to maintain a natural balance and benefit for all. It is applicable in all areas of daily and professional life.



Associations, professionals and partners who we have worked with:

Hopecycling asbl
international association
fresh handmade cosmetics
bike your planet
bike your city
Phugmoche School Asociation
marine farms
Gestión Grafica
Graphical Management
Earthship Academy
Government of Chile
Universidad Católica De Chile
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34 Avenue Guillaume Macau, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium.

Chile - Argentina - France - New Zealand - Nepal - Belgium

© 2005 by Leonardo Vergara, Reacciona Studio.

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bike your planet

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