Each design is a new experience


Our way of designing and building is based on using as much as we can resources who have the smallest impact on the environement.


We recycle, reuse and project always taking into account the comfort that a living space requires.


Each design is unique, the concept is its engine. In every experience we work to find the best solutions for each project, with imagination, technic and commitment.


We actively participate in social and exchange projects with other organizations. We are convinced that to achieve success in a project, the first thing is to have a united team where it works transversely with clear objectives and a sincere connection with the local community to understand their true needs. For this we created our international non-profit association called HOPECYCLING, visit us and let's do something together!

www.hopecycling .org

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An essential part of the design is his inspiration and photography is the perfect tool to capture that exact moment in which the beauty of the world is contemplated, as in a story, as in a life.
A long endless journey through Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, New Zealand, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Italy, France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain , ...

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Notes from magazines and newspapers.

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Is the name of our itinerant office dedicated to the creation and implementation of proposals designed under the concepts of sustainability.

We define sustainability as the ability we all have to make a conscious and responsible use of the resources we use in our creations. Recycling and reusing is undoubtedly our leit’ motive.

Our office was created in Chile and has been working since 2005 with different organizations and people around the world.



+32 4  66340559,   

34 Avenue Guillaume Macau, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium.

Chile - Argentina - France - New Zealand - Nepal - Belgium

© 2005 by Leonardo Vergara, Reacciona Studio.

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